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Sierbeton Industrie Markelo 

In 1958 we began producing concrete prefab elements in Rijssen. These were concrete tiles, window/door sills, steps, retaining walls, concrete slabs and precast concrete elements for all kinds of hands lying.

By an ever-increasing demand for concrete tiles, particularly washed out gravel tiles are we started around 1970, to this concrete tiles to produce fully automated. The manufacture of precast concrete came ever more in the tribulation.

In 1983 we are in Markelo continued making precast concrete elements for the home and commercial construction and the agricultural market. Concrete slabs, cattle-drink containers, grills, and retaining walls were made between the fill commands as production there.


Around 1995, the colors of precast concrete more and more applied. Hence also we came into contact with it. This went so far as to concrete elements (window/door sills, stairs etc.) had to be made in the color purple, a color that matched on the masonry brick wall as desired by the architect of the “Project Office building Weapon giant Avenue to Apeldoorn”

Because we over the years whether or not the colored rest concrete with different kinds of split of the prefab production processed in the coating of the concrete slabs, was developed a new product: the SIMvlak colore and SIMvlak terrazzo.

By many years of experience, intensive research, continuous product improvement, have led, that we have an extensive product offering in concrete slabs, Concrete gutters, retaining walls and trench silo elements.

Production takes place according to the most modern methods. Concrete is made in a certified State-of-the-art ready mixed concrete plant.


Below you can see SIMbeton employees

Edo Bearzatto Sales
Maurizio Bearzatto Company leader
Harrie van Schooten Transporter HVS Transport
Rob Klumpers Online Marketer & Sales
Gerwin Morren Online Marketer & Web developer
Pranoy Sinha Webdeveloper
Omar Cornellis Technical designer
Tom Willemsen Technical designer
Nico Haafkes Production assistant
Alexander Vox Production assistant
Maciej Lobacz Production assistant
Kristoff Production assistant
Coen Meijer Production assistant


Pavement garden - SIM flat floor slabs

Architect Pieter Vandewalle playfully designed the gray SIM flat floor slabs in a creative way. Lees verder

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