Sand Catchment Wells

SIMPUT ® Sand Catchment Wells

Is fitted with a cast iron grate. This light has a recessed portion in the middle for the purpose of the drainage of the molgoot. In addition, this is also carried out with holes on the sides for the connection of the grate and concealed gutter element. This sand catchment well can optionally be carried out with a stench flap and child lock.

Sand Catchment Wells in combination with concrete gutters

Our sand catchment wells can be applied in combination with al our grids-, slit drains,- and concrete dished channels. The wells are also usable in combination with other types (existing) grids.

The sand catchment wells are manufactured of reinforced and unreinforced concrete and provided with rounded bevelled edges.

Additional facilities such as gains, sleeves, manholes are provided with concrete or cast iron covers. The wells are offered in various types and sizes and are available from stock, which means the delivery time is minimal.

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Drain Diameter (cm)Length(cm)Height(cm)Width(cm)Flow(cm2)Inflow cross section (cm2)Traffic classWeight (kg)Lifting possibilities


The references below give a good picture of the final result

Pavement garden - SIM flat floor slabs

Architect Pieter Vandewalle playfully designed the gray SIM flat floor slabs in a creative way. Lees verder

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