Agricultural concrete slabs SIMtop

This concrete slabs are specially developed by SIMBETON for feed storage. The extremely close structure of the cured coating C 70/85 allows for a much higher resistance to degradation of harsh ingredients of feed acids than standard trench silo concrete slabs. This is practically pore-free Agri concrete slab so that its contents are enormously reduce the negative influence. Available in axle loads up to 20 tons.

The SIMTOP ® Agricultural concrete slabsare produced with a special mirror-smooth coating. Enter storage on concrete slabs enables a much higher requirement to the quality of the concrete, not only the compressive strength but even more important is the environment class. Also the kind and type of cement plays a big part in the quality of the concrete for use in a trench silo.

Top layer/coating of the Agricultural concrete slabs

During the production of the concrete for use in corn, grass-feed silos should be applied no lime or other filler. This shortens the lifespan significantly, more than many concrete mixing plant has very in. It only looked to the economic side, and whether it is technically easy to produce production.